Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First paragraph from: "The Silver Bullet" by James Alan McPherson

When Willis Davis tried to join up with the Henry Street guys, they told him that first he had to knock over Slick's Bar and Grill to show them what kind of stuff he had. Actually, they needed the money for the stocking of new equipment in a pending reprisal against the Conchos over on the West Side. News of a Concho spring offensive was in the wind. But they did not tell Willis this. They told him they had heard he had no stuff. Willis protested, saying that he was ready to prove himself in any way but this one. He said that everyone knew Slick was in the rackets and that was why his bar had never been hit. As a matter of fact, he did not know this for certain, but he did not really want to do the job. Also, no one could remember having seen Slick around the neighborhood for the past three years.

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